I’m mainly using this to follow other wordpress websites, but feel free to correspond in the comments section which I’ll be using as a micro-blog.  I’m not always able to go online so it might sometimes take weeks before I can reply.



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  1. Thank you for your interest in the test at IQTest.com.

    Your general IQ score is: 129

    Was it the dubious forms of entertainment media (anime, manga, etc.) I indulged in or my lethargic lifestyle that caused it to plummet? q,Q (Past official tests clocked it at around 400/3. Oh, well. Maybe I really did get dumber. =,=)

    A couple of days ago, I spent my birthday sleeping while recovering from a stomach problem. I did get to go out and eat with my family during opposite weekends though. It’s just a tad sad I had to suffer during the day itself.

    Summer’s here (in my country). My poor web access is going to become even more terrible. I wish my net provider issued tougher 3GP devices that didn’t overheat so easily.

  2. I would have thought the persistent use of “not unless” was anachronistic except it’s just another example of contemporary english continually devolving since it’s more comfortable to emulate peers without reflecting on implications and consequences.

    “I know, right?”
    “No, you don’t.”

  3. The singular LIKE button, a scheme that originated from facebook, and similar variations is an unreliable metric due to its monopolar nature. For example, out of a thousand people that have seen your post, four hundred might have disliked it and five hundred didn’t particularly care, but the hundred that pressed the button can delude you into thinking that it was well received.

    1. Hello! And i’m sorry for posting here in private, but i’m brazilian, and i like your translations a lot i saw that you guys are recruiting for reading and finding errors, since i don’t have much time (university kidnapped, and is rapping me ); ) but if i can help like reading and finding some gramatical errors in Zhan Long and BTTW i even though i don’t have much time, i would love to help

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